Thursday, 4 September 2014

Studio Monitors Review

I guess it is pretty clear that in today's mixing, music production world that a decent set of monitors is essential.  Unfortunately or fortunately (depending how you look at it) there are so many different types of monitors whether it's make, model, colour, price, etc etc.

Manufacturer's are spending millions of dollars to give their product that extra edge with all this new gadgetry and voodoo magic so to speak.  However, the real secret weapon behind on deciding which monitor is right for you is honestly your lovely ears! PLEASE TRUST THEM! When choosing the right monitor for yourself you must try a few out.  Play your music on them and really listen to ensure that you will be comfortable using that particular pair on a daily basis.

Personal Preference

Although I did trust my ears when choosing my monitors, I also needed something that gives me the same sounding mix for when I mix at home as opposed to when I mix in the studio.  To fit my needs I went with the Yamaha HS 50's as they are very close to the Yamaha NS10's which a lot of studios I work in still have as standard monitoring.  I really love these monitors as they sound great, very compact and easy to use.  These monitor are great for mixing all genres of music and the ears never get tired or bored.  I have some friends that have bought the Yamaha HS 50's with the sub which is also another great option.

Viable Options

Again folks, the options are endless but below are some of the monitors that my colleagues use.  I have heard mixes on all these monitors below and I highly recommend any of them:

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