Wednesday 24 September 2014

DJ A-Slam | Beyond Bollywood Episode 3 | Raasra Sept Edition

Beyond Bollywood Episode 3 - Raasra Sept Edition
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GENRES: Bollywood
Muqabala Muqabala
Heropant (Manj, Nindy Kaur, Raftaari) f. Flo Rida & Mike Candy - Whistle Baja (DJ A-SLAM Monthly Mashups)
Meet Brothers Anjjan, Kanika Kapoor, Kunal Avanti f Kid Ink - Baby Doll (DJ A-SLAM Show Me Mash-Up)
Vishal Dadlani & Shalmali Kholgade - Balam Pichkari
Mika Singh - Veerey Di Wedding -
DJ A-SLAM f Yolanda Be Cool & Dcup - Americano vs Miss Pooja - Romantic Jatt (A-SLAM Explode Your Headphones Remix) F. Raju & NickC
Benny Dayal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Nazia Hassan - The Disco Song
DJ SANJ - Challan Pakhiyan (J-Nas Remix) -
Antara Mitra - Ye Ishq Hai [Remix]
Afghani Interlude (CAJ)
DJ Joel & DJ Sandesh - Dama Dam Mast Kalandar (Joel Mix) -
Happy New Year f. Will Sparks - India Waala (DJ A-SLAM Monthly Mashup)
DJ Reme - Dum Maro Dum (Dope Smugglerz Remix)
DJ Reme - Tinku Jiya (House Banger Mix)
DJ Reme - Ainvayi Ainvayi (Dbx House Mix) -
Benny Dayal, Shalmali Kholgade - Lat Lag Gayee
B-Star RDB LMFAO - Sadi Rock
Daler mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun (Remix)
Bappi Lahiri & Shreya Ghoshal - Ooh La La (Dhol Mix)
Dj Kawal - Dostana - Desi Girl (Club Mix)
Dj Sarj Feat Labh Janjua & Sneha Pant - Soni De Nakhre
Avicii - Levels (ID) - Hardwell Bootleg
DJ Reme - Laila O Laila (The Mumbai House Mafia Remix)
Rass music - Ishq Kamina
Imran Khan - Ni Nachle (techno mix)
Mamta Sharma, Aishwriya - Munni Badnaam (Remix)
Valy - Lets-Dance
Enrique Iglesias ft. Sean Paul Bailando
DJ A-SLAM - Beware of the Boys (A-slam vs DJ Primetime Transition)
Akon & Hamsika Iyer, Rmx: Abhijit Vaghani - Chammak Challo (Punjabi Mix)
Akon f. Don Omar & Kastra - Sexy Ladies / Danza Kuduro (DJ A-SLAM Super Freak Blend)
Rassa music - Jhalak Diklaja
Dj A.Sen - Sheila Ki Jawani
Daler Mehndi & Sunidhi Chauhan - Karle Baby Dance Wance
K.K, Bob - Make Some Noise For The Desi Boyz
Rihanna f. Hardwell Right Now (DJ A-SLAM Spaceman Remix)
Sukhbir - Ishq

Thursday 18 September 2014

Diljit Dosanjh | This Singh is So Stylish

So proud of my homie Intense! Killed the beat with Diljit Dosanjh on the vocals.

Panasonic Mobile MTV Spoken Word presents l This Singh Is So Stylish l Full Music Video
Artist - Diljit Dosanjh Feat. Ikka
Music By - Intense
Produced by Aditya Swamy
Executive Producer - Jagjit Singh
Video Directed by Shai
Artist Co-ordination & Digitally Powered by One Digital Entertainment
PhotoShoot & Design by GurDas Media Works
This Singh Is So Stylish Logo Artwork by Kalikwest

Thursday 11 September 2014

Tuesday 9 September 2014

Brothers of the infamous band RDB battle in court

The popular South Asian band RDB which consisted of three brothers the late Kuly, Manj and Surj Ral are going through a legal dispute in court.  RDB, originally based out of the UK, had a number of huge bhangra and bollywood hits under their belt.  Click on pic below to read the full story:

Monday 8 September 2014

DJ Reminisce | Butter Chicken Vol.2 | Bhangra Mixtape

Download/listen to my new Bhangra Mixtape "Butter Chicken Vol.2" at your leisure! Link below:


Silinder Pardesi - Hey Sohniaye

H Dhami - Mitran Di Jaan
Culture Shock - Bombay Bo
Manak-E - Jee Karda
Juggy D - Soniaye
Reminisce - Hulara Tere Lak Dha
Jaz Dhami - Roj Miliye
Jay Sean - Dance With Me
Jazzy B - Romeo
Jassi Sidhu - Singh
K.S. Bhamra - Time Das Ja
PBN - Aaj Me Peeni
Stereo Remix - Hon Tha Meh Nachana [Bally Sagoo Remix]
Panjabi MC - Nach Di
Diljit - Radio
Dalvinder Singh - Shera Warge [Tigerstyle Remix]
Lally - Ishq
Kam Dhillon - Galan Hor Hundian
Zora Randhawa - Mofolactic
E=MC - Mahi Ve Mahi
Aman Hayer - Dil Labna Ne
Raminder Bhuller - Valaitanay
AS Kang - Vela
Imran Khan - Pata Chalega
DJ Intense - Launian Pehndian
Dhol Cutz - Dhol Cutz

Saturday 6 September 2014

Are You Too Old To Become a DJ?

As the late great Aaliyah once said "Age Ain't nothing but a number".  I'm nearly 40 years old and I'm still DJ'ing (not as much of course).  The concept of age is just a myth.  If you can still rock a crowd then go for it!

In retrospect, I've had a great DJ'ing career spanning 25+ years.  I played mainly in the South Asian scene and predominantly played Panjabi and Bollywood music.  However, in the last 5 years I've transitioned back over to mainstream, top 40 and my favourite old school Hip Hop and r&b.  I'm going back to my roots of when I started playing and rocking parties with the music that has shaped my soul and made me to be the person that I am today.

DJ TLM hits this topic of age right on the money.  He talks about the pros and cons, the mindset and what it will take to be a DJ in your later years.  This video is a must watch for you younger cats as well.  This will mentally prepare you for what is ahead 5, 10, 15 years from now.  A career in DJ'ing is about longevity, marketing, customer service and that continual daily grind.

All my DJ friends you must subscribe to his channel.  He has tons of tutorials and an endless supply of knowledge.

Friday 5 September 2014

DJ Michael Black | Old Skool RnB Mix | Mixtape

I love old school R&B and Hip Hop.  Old school music is the foundation of my own DJ career.  It's extremely hard to find good old school music especially in a decent mix until I happened to find DJ Michael Black on Soundcloud.  This DJ's mixtapes are pretty awesome and extremely entertaining.  I definitely encourage all you avid hip hoppers to have a listen to his mixes.  I'm pretty sure you'll find something that you like.  Click on the link below to check out DJ Michael Black's Soundcloud page.

Happy Listening!

DJ Michael Black

DJ Reminisce | Munda is Back | Bhangra/Bollywood Mixtape

Bhangra | Bollywood Remixes

Twitter: @amenreminisce

01. Jaz Dhami ft Honey Singh - High Heels [Get On the Floor Remix]
02. Roshan Prince - Look Lak [No More Remix]
03. Imran Khan - Chak Glass [Let's Go Remix]
04. Jazzy B - Jatt [Rack City Remix]
05. Heera - Nach Diyan Dowain Soniyan [Levels Remix]
06. Kumar Sanu - Tera Mera Pyar [No More Games Remix]
07. Reminisce - Nakhre Bin Soni Teemi ft. A-Slam, Advocate, Faze, Tumbiwalla [Remix]
08. Honey Singh ft J-Star - Gabru [Started From The Bottom Remix]
09. Jassi Sidhu ft Honey Singh - Jaan Mangadhi [DJ Reminisce Remix]
10. Amrinder Gill - Daru [Killa Remix]
11. Quarbani - Aap Jaisa Koi [DJ Reminisce Remix]
12. Sharry Mann - Yaar Anmulle [DJ Reminisce Remix]
13. Reminisce - PHOTO [REFIX]
14. Geeta Zaildar, Miss Pooja - Seeti [How Do You Want It Remix]
15. *** Bonus Track*** Jassi Jaspal - Uchiyan Lamiyan Taliyan [Yeah Remix]

Thursday 4 September 2014

DJ Reminisce | How the West Was Won! | Bhangra Mixtape

DJ Reminisce presents:
How the West Was Won!
Bhangra Mixtape

Social Media:
Twitter: @amenreminisce

Studio Monitors Review

I guess it is pretty clear that in today's mixing, music production world that a decent set of monitors is essential.  Unfortunately or fortunately (depending how you look at it) there are so many different types of monitors whether it's make, model, colour, price, etc etc.

Manufacturer's are spending millions of dollars to give their product that extra edge with all this new gadgetry and voodoo magic so to speak.  However, the real secret weapon behind on deciding which monitor is right for you is honestly your lovely ears! PLEASE TRUST THEM! When choosing the right monitor for yourself you must try a few out.  Play your music on them and really listen to ensure that you will be comfortable using that particular pair on a daily basis.

Personal Preference

Although I did trust my ears when choosing my monitors, I also needed something that gives me the same sounding mix for when I mix at home as opposed to when I mix in the studio.  To fit my needs I went with the Yamaha HS 50's as they are very close to the Yamaha NS10's which a lot of studios I work in still have as standard monitoring.  I really love these monitors as they sound great, very compact and easy to use.  These monitor are great for mixing all genres of music and the ears never get tired or bored.  I have some friends that have bought the Yamaha HS 50's with the sub which is also another great option.

Viable Options

Again folks, the options are endless but below are some of the monitors that my colleagues use.  I have heard mixes on all these monitors below and I highly recommend any of them:

Is Bhangra Music Dead?

Great question! I don't think the Panjabi Music industry is dying per say but I strongly believe it is evolving and changing.  I believe that the folk genre of Panjabi music is becoming more of a specialized listener-ship and soon to be an acquired taste only for the "purists".  I also believe the influence of mainstream music and western flavours have definitely changed the sound and it definitely can be heard in most productions today.

There are multiple factors and variables for this so-called evolution.  To keep this article short and sweet I picked out which I think are some key points that are major contributors a new type of Panjabi music sound.  My article is not based on technical reasons but more on perception and mindset of all the parties involved.  I think if we can start from the basics the technical pieces fall into place.  For example you wouldn't give a loaded gun to an untrained person to fire but if that person is trained and has the proper mindset a loaded gun is just another tool in their arsenal of weapons.


The listener of today is no longer some guy or girl that blindly puts on a set of headphones and listens to music for the sake of it.  Today's listeners are very educated and know what they want.  They can differentiate between "good" music and "bad" music as I refer to as harmonically sound and in key.  The listener of today is adverse with terms such as "ghost production", "taal", "sur" etc.  In short, our listeners know their music.  They understand how it is produced and the money involved to make music.  To disrespect their intelligence by producing sub par music with the attitude that the "listeners" won't know will only harm the artist in the end.

From my experience, the youth today are not only adverse with their Panjabi music but also heavily influenced, if not more in some cases, by mainstream music.  I have been DJ'ing for 25+ years and I've seen a trend at wedding receptions people not only going crazy to classics such at "Yaar Bold" by the late great Surjit Binderakhia but also jamming to anything from Drake equally.  Why is it that artists like Imran Khan and Honey Singh still today are continually touring on  regular basis? Have you heard their music? hmmmm....

Make music for your listeners and not yourself!


I'm sorry artists but Folk is a dying breed.  I've had many conversations with so many producers, artists and DJ's and whether they agree or not Panjabi folk music is dying as a global presence.  I definitely agree folk music should still be created and preserved but does it make sense as a business to solely produce folk music?  Traditional Panjabi folk music gets played in 4 major "Hub" cites outside of Panjab: Vancouver, Birmingham, Toronto and London.  Now desi Edm or Hip Hop records get played globally.  Which one is the better business model?  A global business is something I'm hoping you would want to strive for.  It's really hard for me to understand when a Panjabi artist tells me that they just want to hear their song getting played at wedding receptions.  Is that why you spent all those years of training, and cold hard cash to hear your music getting played at a wedding? Think big people! There's a whole new untapped world out there.

As an artist you have to love what you do and not do it for the money.  I hear so many records from artists that pay to get a song done but most of these records have no soul.  As an artist paying ridiculous amounts of money why would you want your record to sound the same as some other artist's record?  That makes no sense to me!  As an artist it is your duty an obligation to do your best, perfect your craft and definitely give back to the art and music.  Amateur music does not get any attention.


Panjabi's have the term Producer confused with a studio engineer but that's another blog (coming soon).  From my from my experience most producers get payed to work.  I wish they got payed to be more creative instead of replication.  All I can suggest is that a good producer will make you a better artist.  If you come out of a session and you have not gained any knowledge or learned you did not give 100% into that session as an artist.  One myth I'd like to clear up here as well.  Just because someone owns a studio and can play keyboards that unfortunately does not make them a producer.  A producer is a visionary and see's the finished product end to end and not just the record you record.  They have your best interests at heart but also understand what the market needs.  A studio owner is getting payed by you to get in, record and get out then on to the next one.  They do not necessarily have your best interests in mind nor do they necessarily care how good your product is or can be.

I believe that if we had strong producers that have that passion for Panjabi music you would see such a difference in how tracks are being produced.  I'm talking about real producers like Rishi Rish.  He has the knowledge but the global influence of all types of music and it showed in his hits.  What that camp was able to do with their artists is what we need more of.


Let's face it people it's so easy in today's day and age to make music.  All you need is a laptop, some software and youtube as your Ustad and you've got yourself an awesome recipe to make something magical.  The downside to this is what I call the "cookie cutter" effect.  It is also very easy to just reuse samples and beats because it's there for the pickings.  I mean why reinvent when you don't have to right? So totally wrong!  Listen to Panjabi music today especially from the UK it all sounds the same.  Some tracks sound like some producer just re-opened an older session and dubbed new lyrics to someone other artist's tracks.  Yes I agree producers are to blame for some of this but I think we really need to look at the technology first and here's why.  Technology has made the music industry lazy.  Everything is just too easy.  Before the digital age artists were forced to come together to an expensive studio session and they created magic within the time constraints of their booked allotted time slot.  Today you can recall a session within minutes or buy and use samples and sound like every other person.

Social media is key to your success.  Embrace it and work with it.  However, social media can also end your career very quickly so I will say this again; DO NOT BE AN AMATEUR, BE A PROFESSIONAL! 

What can we do?

I think the preservation of Panjabi folk music is imminent.  These are forces beyond our control at work here called evolution.  As an artist or producer you have to recognize change, embrace change and utilize the existing trends within in your music to have longevity in your career.  We have the world in our reach within minutes with social media, internet and technology.  Market wisely and you're an instant star.  I think today's artist need to also embrace different flavours of music style in your records.

Whether as an artist you prefer only folk or have different types of styles to your music, one thing is for sure you have to respect the art.  As I have said multiple times if you treat our beloved industry like an amateur you will also be treated like an amateur.  Be a professional, promote good will and our culture like how it deserves and I promise you you will get back everything you have asked for ten fold.

Comments and suggestion are welcome!