Friday, 10 October 2014

GET DOWN | Full Video | BattleKatt, R S Chauhan | IMM "The Album"

Sick new video by IMM!!!

When Darkness falls and the world sleeps, the nocturnal beasts come out to play.So from Dusk Til Dawn come party with the vampires that are out to feast.
IMM Entertainment & Universal Music Group Presents the 6th Single from IMM-The-Album "Get Down" by BattleKATT & RS Chauhan, music by Intense. Come take a journey on the dark side of IMM.

Song Name - Get Down
Singers - BattleKATT & RS Chauhan
Music - Intense
Lyrics - BattleKATT & RS Chauhan
Directed By - Justin Donelly
DOP - Brendan Uegama
Produced by - Natalie Boll & IMM Films
Creative Director - I.AM.IT the BattleKATT
Edited/VFX - Bryn Hewko
Wardrobe - Claudia Du Ponte
Label - IMM Entertainment & Universal Music Group
Artist Management - QBS - Queen Business Solutions

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